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Our goal is for PEI to be cavity-free, but if you happen to have one, we happily offer fillings to help treat them! Learn more about our treatment.

Keep your smile healthy!

Healthy teeth are free of decay and cavities. Cavities develop when too much plaque builds up in the tooth, causing decay to begin.

Our back molars are at a higher risk because plaque settles into the grooves on the top of the tooth. These grooves can be hard to clean with regular brushing and flossing, so cavities are more likely to occur here.


An effective way to prevent cavities, especially in the back molars, is with preventative sealants.

Sealants are easily applied and protect the grooves in the back teeth from plaque buildup.  Sealants ensure that healthy teeth remain healthy.

The process to apply sealants is very easy:

  • First the teeth are thoroughly cleaned
  • The clear sealant is painted directly onto the tooth enamel with a small brush
  • The sealant flows into the grooves of the tooth and hardens quickly, creating a shield on the surface of the molar
  • The depressions and grooves in the teeth are protected against plaque, preventing tooth decay.

If you think you may have decay or a cavity, contact us to see your dentist! Request Appointment

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