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Oral Procedures in Summerside

Our dental professionals in Summerside offer oral procedures, including root canal treatment and tooth extractions, to ensure your oral health is at its best! 

At Water Street Dental Clinic, we want to ensure that your oral health is at its best. This includes treating more complicated situations with procedures that will correct the problem. We can help you improve your smile!

Root Canals & Extractions, Summerside Dentist

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

At the center of the tooth lies the tooth pulp, a thread-like tissue that contains nerves and blood vessels.

A deep cavity, a cracked tooth, or an injury to the tooth may cause inflammation or damage of the pulp.

An inflammation of the pulp may require a special treatment known as root canal therapy.

It is very important to treat inflamed pulp because if the infected or dead pulp is left untreated, it can form an abscess at the tip of the root in your jawbone.

This can cause extreme pain and can destroy the bone that surrounds the injured tooth.

Root canal treatment is essentially the removal of the pulp inside your tooth.

After removing the pulp, your dentist will clean, shape and fill this area to seal off the root canal.

Depending on your situation, root canal treatment can require several office visits.

The Root Canal Treatment Process:
  • First, an opening is created on the biting surface of the tooth that will allow your dentist to remove the diseased pulp.
  • After cleaning and shaping the pulp chamber and root canals, the root canals will be filled.
  • If you require more than one visit to the dentist, your injured tooth may be fitted with a temporary crown to protect your tooth until the next visit.
  • As a final step, a crown is usually placed over your injured tooth to restore its function, appearance and natural shape.

With proper care, including good oral hygiene and regular dental exams, you can expect the tooth to be in good condition.

Tooth Extractions

Severe tooth decay, infection or insufficient room are all reasons that your dentist may recommend removing or extracting teeth. 

During your initial visit, your dentist will review your medical and dental history and take x-rays that will reveal the position of the tooth, the length and shape.

It is highly recommended to extract a partially erupted impacted tooth before they create a problem. Impacted teeth that are partially erupted (with a portion still under the gum) can cause a particular concern because bacteria can easily enter around the partially erupted tooth causing an infection.

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