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Dental Technology in Summerside

Our dentists in Summerside, PEI, are proud that we are able to use dental technology such as Intraoral Cameras and Panoramic digital x-rays to treat our patients. 

Water Street Dental Clinic aims to provide the best dental care possible for our patients. This technology allows us to approach issues effectively and provide specific treatment plans.

Dental Technology, Summerside Dentist

Digital X-Rays

Although your teeth may appear to be strong and healthy on the surface, dental x-rays can diagnose many diseases of the teeth, gums and surrounding tissues that otherwise cannot be seen with a visual examination.

Digital x-rays use specialized technology to capture images and send them directly to a computer. A software program can then enlarge and enhance the digital image, providing more detail for an accurate diagnosis.

Benefits of digital x-rays include:

  • No toxic chemicals are used in the development process
  • More accurate diagnosis, with ability to enhance the digital image
  • Instant, without any need to wait for film to be developed

CAD-CAM Technology

Crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays may be used to restore and strengthen your teeth to create a beautiful and healthy looking smile. CAD-CAM technology allows these types of restorations to be custom made in just one visit in the following steps:

First, a specialized camera records 3-D images of your teeth. Then, a software program uses these images to design a custom restoration.

This 3D design is sent to a processing machine and a porcelain restoration is created in just a few minutes. Your restoration is then polished, refined and bonded into place.

With CAD-CAM technology, your beautiful smile can be restored in one visit! 

Intraoral Cameras

They say "seeing is believing", and with the use of intraoral cameras, you can have a close-up look to see exactly what is happening inside your mouth.

The intraoral camera is a pen-sized wand with a small camera on its tip.

The intraoral camera is inserted in your mouth and an enlarged video image is projected onto a screen for live viewing.

They enable the dentist and staff to pinpoint problems and show you exactly where they lie.

This way you see it for yourself and have more information to make a decision based on the dentist's recommendations.

Intraoral cameras often reveal visual signs of potential issues that can be avoided.

This way you can decide on a recommended course of preventative dentistry before it becomes a serious problem.

With more detailed information, patient communication and the overall dental experience is improved.

Diode Laser

A diode laser is used at the Water Street Dental Clinic. The laser is primarily used for contouring of gums and for cold sore therapy.

The laser may greatly reduce the severity and duration of a cold sore outbreak if it is treated at the first onset of symptoms.

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