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When teeth are chipped, cracked, discolored or have gaps between them, dental bonding can be used to create a youthful and healthy looking smile.

What is dental bonding?

Damaged teeth can cause difficulties for eating comfortably and may even affect your speech.

Dental bonding uses a tooth-colored material that is sculpted onto the damaged teeth or in between the gaps.

Once in place, the material is hardened, which makes it solid and strong. It is then customized and polished smooth to look like a natural tooth. 

Dental bonding can:

  • Prevent further risk of damage, nerve pain and even premature tooth loss
  • Correct discolorations
  • Close gaps
  • Correct malpositioned and misshapen teeth

Dental Bonding, Summerside Dentist

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Tips From Our Team:

  • We highly recommend limiting the amount of sugary food you consume because the bacteria in dental plaque can change sugars into acids causing damage to your teeth.
    - The Water Street Dental Clinic Team

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